Installation of bulletproof glass

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Bullet-resistant glass can resist the impact of bullets, but bullet-resistant glass is a brittle material. In the process of use, storage and installation, glass cannot contact with steel materials, and elastic materials must be used to separate glass from other materials.

   The gap between bullet-resistant glass and support frame should not be less than 5mm to avoid glass breakage caused by the stress concentration of glass thermal expansion.

   Pay attention to the installation direction of the glass.The thicker layer is the threat side, should be installed in the direction of the possible shooting, otherwise the bullet-resistant ability of the glass will be greatly affected, of course, there is no such problem for the symmetrical structure of the glass.

   The overlapped part should not be less than 50mm if using the overlapped installation. This is because the bullet-resistant ability of the glass is weak on its edge when the glass is suffering the shooting bullets. If the overlap is too small, the bullets may penetrate the glass or produce large splash and affect the protection ability of the glass.

   The glass should not be in contact with corrosive substances during use. the surface can not be wiped with hard objects. And should be avoid the welding splash damage the glass surface. 

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