Fragrant osmanthus with a strong heart - EN delivers Mid Autumn Festival benefits!

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Foshan EN has a deep affection, and the Mid Autumn Festival welfare warms people's hearts

Autumn is thick, and osmanthus flowers are in full bloom.

The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching. In order to demonstrate the deep gratitude and love of Foshan EN Film Technology Co., Ltd. to every employee, so that everyone can feel the warmth of the EN family, and enhance the unity and happiness of employees, EN Technology prepared rich Mid Autumn benefits for all employees on September 21. We wish everyone a happy Mid Autumn Festival and a more round moon.

The golden autumn brings joy, and the moon is round.

Every carefully prepared gift, every sincere blessing, conveys EN's humanistic care and warmth. EN Technology always regards employees as the most precious wealth and shares the beauty and blessings of Mid Autumn Festival with everyone through practical actions. At the welfare distribution site, every employee's face exudes happiness and gratitude, which is the most authentic and beautiful aspect of EN employees!

Every year is safe, and the moon is always round.

This wonderful and warm holiday atmosphere has created unforgettable memories for EN employees. Yien Technology will continue to promote humanistic care, strive to create a positive, happy, and harmonious work environment, and promote Yien's comprehensive development through a positive and upward corporate culture!

Full moon brings reunion, and Ian is even more beautiful.

On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, Foshan EN Film Technology Co., Ltd. wishes all employees a happy Mid Autumn Festival. May everyone have a happy reunion, a happy life, and peace and joy at this wonderful moment.

We will continue to create the future and write brilliance together with you with a more professional spirit and thoughtful service!


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