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In the classification of art glass, carvings are relatively new art glass technology. Because of its advantages in mass production, its application scope has been expanded greatly. There are applications from sliding door glass to background wall glass. Because the shape of the grinding wheel can be changed. Therefore, a lot of striped winter cases with different shapes can also be evolved from car engraved glass. Here is a detailed science popularization of this process.

Carving process is also evolved through continuous process. The early carvings were lines carved by small manual carvings. Its accuracy and batch size are limited by process and equipment. Can not reach the ideal shape. Therefore, the application scope of early carved glass is not too wide. Its shape is dominated by short straight lines. As an auxiliary of some processes, there are many cases. With the evolution of the process, the mechanical type of mold turning glass appeared. The principle of this glass carving is to carve the required lines and shapes on the glass surface with the semi manual cutter head under the control of the template. Come to this step. Carved glass has been able to achieve the production of batch sizing. But there is a big drawback. If the size is slightly changed, even if it is the same pattern. The template must also be remade. The waste of glass consumables is relatively large. And the processing cycle is also extended. Carved glass has really entered the era of numerical control to achieve quantitative production.

With the popularization of CNC machine tools and the reduction of prices. Through continuous technical improvement, CNC lathe engraving equipment finally appeared. The principle is not complicated. It is an improved version of CNC lathe. It can realize the timely editing and production of patterns and sizes. No additional tools and consumables are required. It can basically realize real-time editing and production. Thus, the popularization of car engraved glass is greatly accelerated. It also has the convenience of pattern editing. As long as it is not too complex curves, straight lines, or even circles, it can be perfectly processed. Thus, the product style has been diversified. Most of the complex glass carving patterns displayed in front of us are automatically processed by this CNC lathe. Some of the multi skill car engraved glass is also supplemented by the spraying of glass paint, or embellishment of other processes, which is very high-end. The development of the glass engraving machine has basically realized the complete mass production and automation when it comes to the CNC engraving machine. But even so. Carved glass still has room for expansion. In other words, there are still unfinished tasks. The biggest problem is the same line carvings with different depths. It is impossible to carve different depths on the same line like sandblasting. The most perfect carving effect cannot be achieved. This is also the fundamental reason why car engraved glass has never been able to replace sandblasting glass.

Therefore, we should objectively look at the comparison between the new process and the old process. Often, a high-end and excellent art glass is completed by the old and new technologies, rather than just using new technologies.



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