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Carved Glass Carved Glass

Carving glass is to carve and polish the glass through carving tools, so as to produce crystal clear three-dimensional lines on the glass surface, forming a simple and bright modern picture.

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Main Characteristic

Carved Glass
① Various patterns
Crystal clear, brilliant permeability.
Simple and three-dimensional
lines with a sense of hierarchy.


Interior decoration
Glass doors and windows
▎ Glass furniture

History of Carved Glass

1. The early engraving process was the lines carved by small manual engraving machines. Its accuracy and batch performance were limited by the process and equipment. Its shape was mainly short straight lines, which could not achieve the ideal shape.

2. With the evolution of technology, mechanical template engraving glass has appeared. The principle of this kind of engraving glass is to carve the required lines and shapes on the glass surface with a semi-manual cutter head under the control of the template. The waste of glass consumables is relatively large, and the processing cycle is also extended.

3. The emergence of CNC engraving equipment has enabled engraved glass to truly enter quantitative production. The engraving equipment can realize timely editing and production of patterns and sizes without the need for additional tools and consumables.


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