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You can always trust E&N Company. Our company will always be a strong partner of customers.

Hunan, Glass Factory

As the customer is not familiar with the autoclave, he contacted our company and sent technicians to conduct analysis, guidance and training. At the site, our company reassessed the customer's plant environment and analyzed the storage environment of equipment, glass and film. Train operators, operation procedures and precautions

With regard to some problems after glass gluing, such as bubbles appearing in a large area, our company sent technicians to guide us and improve the success rate of finished products

Deepen customers' understanding of roll pressing, practical operation process and precautions.

Deepen customers' impression on E&N, show our professionalism in after-sales service, preciseness in technical guidance, and seriousness

Working attitude.

It is conducive to promoting the subsequent second or even multiple repurchases of our films.

Enhance customers' confidence in our film products.

We really put customers first, solve their worries and solve their problems.

In order to provide customers with better after-sales service, our company makes every effort in technical service.

1: No discrimination in friendly exchanges

Whether you are our partner or not, as long as you encounter problems in the production process of laminated glass or need help, please feel free to consult us, and our technical team will do our best to serve you until you are satisfied.

2: Regular technical training

3: Irregular technical knowledge examination

4: Keep close communication with customers for a long time, and always answer for customers



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