Clear And Heat Insulating EVA Film For Outdoor(VE-HW) Clear And Heat Insulating EVA Film For Outdoor(VE-HW)

VE-HW series product is a heat-insulating EVA product developed by E&N Technology to meet market demand. Compared with the previous transparent products, the VE-HW series uses industry-leading technology and adds special materials to make the film have the function of blocking infrared rays.

  • 0.38mm*2400mm*100m
  • 0.76mm*2400mm*50m
  • Thickness and width can be customized
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Product Description

Main Characteristic:

1.Excellent thermal insulation

2.Low reflectivity

3.Excellent flagment retention

4.Excellent light transmittance



1.Curtain wall glass

2.Overall sun room


Product Performance Parameter List:

Test item


Visible light transmittance %


Laminated glass


Shading coefficient


Heat transfer coefficient W/(M2*K)


Direct transmittance of sunlight %


Direct sunlight reflection ratio%







UV blocked rate%





Infrared blocked rate%





Tensile strength MPa


Adhesion with glass(N/CM)


Cross-linking rate%



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Packing Specification:

1.Without plywood case: tinfoil vacuum + bubble wrap + composite kraft paper

2.With plywood case: tinfoil vacuum + carton box + plywood case


Shelf Life of Product:

1 year

Processing Guidance

Preparation Before Laminating:

1. Clean and fully dry the glass, there should be no particle dust or oil on the glass surface, EVA film and other intermediate materials are spare.

2. After opening the furnace, cool down for 3~5 minutes, until the vacuum value reaches -0.095MPa, close the furnace door and officially heat.  


Parameter setting:

First Step

Second Step

Full Vacuum Retention

Temperature Out of Furnace





The above-mentioned temperature refers to the glass surface temperature.This lamination parameter is suitable for laminated glass with 5mm+0.38EVA+5mm structure.The specific conditions should be adjusted according to the difference of lamination equipment,temperature and humidity,glass thickness,and middle layer material.

FAQ About the Product

1.Can the infrared blocking ratio be customized?

Yes, we can customize according to customer's needs.


2.Can it be processed in an autoclave?

No, it can only be processed in a laminating furnace.


3.How long does the laminated glass with E&N film can be used in outdoor?

Generally it is able to used for outdoor 15 years.


4.What is the MOQ?

Generally, there is no MOQ for processed glass, but if you want to received best price, the more quantity, the better price.


5.Can the packaging be customized?

Yes, we can customize according to customer's needs.


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