We are waiting for you at the China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition in Shanghai

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The 32nd China Glass Exhibition will be held on May 6-9,2023 in Shanghai. With nearly a thousand exhibitors from 28 countries and regions around the world and including 178 overseas exhibitors, which will debut at the exhibition with its new technology,new productand

new conception, it demonstrates the great importance that the international glass industry attaches to Chinese market and the international influence of China Glass Exhibition.

The China Glass Exhibition is held annually in Beijing and Shanghai, and is the largest professional exhibition in the glass industry in the Asia Pacific region. The exhibition covers the entire industry chain of the glass industry, including glass production technology and equipment, glass deep processing technology and equipment, glass products and applications, refractory materials, raw materials, main and auxiliary materials, as well as various tools, accessories and auxiliary equipment, inspection and testing technology, software and related equipment.

E&N Film Surprisingly Appears: Breaking through Foreign Technology Monopoly and Helping China Glass Exhibition Achieve Abundant Results

China E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. has participated in the China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition for 15 consecutive years, continued to drive product innovation with scientific and technological innovation, and demonstrated the elegance of China's laminated glass intermediate film (film) to foreign merchants with higher quality products.


The 32nd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (ChinaGlass2023)

May 6-9, 2023

Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

China E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd.

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