Cooperative projects:Namu Lake Hotspring Resort

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Product configuration: 8+1.52PVB+8+12A+8 electrically heated hollow laminated glass

Maximum size: 1680 * 2132

The hotel is located in the tourist attraction of Bipenggou, surrounded by mountains on all sides, integrating mountains, scenery and buildings, and living in harmony with nature. Introducing natural scenery into the interior and extending the indoor space towards nature, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the embrace of nature.

Stay at the Namu Lake Hot Spring Hotel,

Able to have close contact with the beautiful natural scenery of the scenic area.

Pushing open the window in the morning reveals the morning light and the shining snow mountains; Standing in front of the window at night, one can admire the shining stars in the sky;

During the day, you can walk through the old-growth forest, watch the sky of Haizi, pursue the snow mountain, punch card waterfall meadow and flower sea!


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