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Foshan Yuewancheng

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Yuewancheng is a one-stop shopping center with the theme of Leshang Life Center, integrating shopping, leisure and entertainment, and catering. The project is located next to the central axis of Guangdong Financial High tech Zone, in the business circle of Nanhai Avenue, Guicheng, Foshan. The project is adjacent to Nanhai Avenue in the west and Qiandeng Lake in the east. Haiba Road, Guilan Road and Foping Road are surrounded by convenient transportation.

Yuewancheng is made of large glass, which looks fashionable.

Foshan Yuewancheng glass

Yuewancheng, located in Foping Road, Nanhai, Foshan City, was built by Foshan Nanhai Wanye Real Estate Co., Ltd. with a total floor area of 209582

Foshan Yuewancheng glass


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