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Haikou "Mountain of the Sky"

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Haikou "Sky Mountain" is here!

Located in the northwest of the beautiful sand coast of Haidian Island, Haikou

Haikou Bay No. 6 High Standard Post Station

——The 'Sky Mountain' project

Plan to officially open the door to welcome customers by the end of this month (March 07, 2023)

at present

The main project has been completed

There are some workers left on site

Construction of glass curtain walls and roofs

And carry out relevant greening work

The "Sky Mountain" project will commence construction in 2021

The entire construction period lasts for two years

This glass curtain wall project

For the rare tall and ultra-thick glass curtain wall in China

Make the overall view as transparent as possible


The total construction area is over 2000 square meters

The entire building

Composed of a rolling circular roof

Between the city and the sea

Create a 'Sky Mountain'



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