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Dichroic Film Dichroic Film

Dichroic film is a plastic composite film that melts and extrudes two or more resins with different refractive indices and stacks more than 100 layers at intervals. Each layer is only a few hundred nanometers thick.

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Product Description

Main Characteristic:

1.The color changes with the angle of view and light, presenting different colors and reflection.
2.Multiple functions: the dichroic film decals are beautiful and practical decorations for your home and office, which can help block sight for the outside and make your space more private, as well as protect from strong sunlight, meeting your different needs and bringing you convenience.
3.Nice material: the dichroic film is made of PET material, formed by superposition of hundreds of layers of polyester film by nice technology, durable and not easy to break, which can serve you for a long time.
4.Easy to use: the dichroic film has featured with glue at back, just sprinkled it with water on the glue side and window, which is easy to stick on your window, easy to use and easy to remove without leaving residue because of its quality material.

Dichroic Film


Dichroic film can be used alone or in combination with laminated glass.



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