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Explosion-proof glass

Explosion-proof glass is a kind of glass that can prevent violent impact. It is a special type of glass made by machine processing using special additives and interlayer in the middle.

Even if the glass is broken, it will not fall easily because the middle material (PVB film) or the explosion-proof glass on the other side has been fully bonded. Therefore, explosion-proof glass can greatly reduce the injury to personnel and valuables when subjected to violent impact.

The color of explosion-proof glass is mainly transparent, and it can also be produced from colored glass according to the actual needs of users, such as F green, Volt blue, gray tea glass, European gray, and gold tea glass.

The film thicknesses used for explosion-proof glass include 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, etc. The thicker the film thickness, the better the explosion-proof effect of the glass.

1、 Classification

Explosion-proof glass is divided into two categories according to different production and processing processes:

1. Ordinary explosion-proof glass

Ordinary explosion-proof glass: The glass structure is mostly made of special glass made of single piece float glass through strengthening treatment. The glass surface after strengthening treatment has strong resistance to violent impact. As the thickness of this type of glass continues to thicken, its explosion-proof effect is continuously enhanced. The thickest thickness is generally 20mm. Glass with a thickness exceeding 20mm is made of explosion-proof glass, and strengthening treatment is difficult to achieve at one time, It is important to be cautious in selecting ordinary explosion-proof glass user groups.

Once the ordinary explosion-proof glass breaks, the glass becomes fragmented and cannot effectively withstand wind pressure or secondary impacts from heavy objects. Strictly speaking, ordinary explosion-proof glass is not truly "explosion-proof glass".

2. Reinforced explosion-proof glass

Reinforced explosion-proof glass is made by sandwiched two or more pieces of float glass with strong PVB film, pressed by a hot press and drained as much as possible, and then placed in a high-pressure steam kettle to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the adhesive film using high temperature and pressure.

The specifications of explosion-proof glass on the domestic market are all over 300mm * 300mm square, which is smaller than 300mm * 300mm. Currently, there are very few manufacturers with production capacity in this field. This type of ultra-small explosion-proof glass is widely used in coal mine underground rescue cabins, because of the high difficulty of processing technology, and the price has always been relatively expensive.

The thickness of reinforced explosion-proof glass mainly includes: 8 mm-10 mm, 12 mm-14 mm, 16 mm-18 mm, 20 mm-22 mm, 24 mm-26 mm, 30 mm-32 mm, and 38 mm-40 mm.


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