New brand training, pre exhibition sprint

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In order to launch the new brand, our company has provided product training to our employees to better serve customers at the exhibition.

About New Brands

Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the Foshan region, focusing on the laminated safety glass intermediate film industry for 15 years. Its products are best-selling in China, Europe, North America, and other parts of the world; E&N Company adheres to technological innovation and is a manufacturing enterprise with a technology research center and a constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free purification production workshop. R&D and production technology are leading the industry, creating products such as outdoor cross-linked EVA intermediate film, EVA intermediate film for dimming glass, jade white EVA intermediate film category, EVA optical adhesive, SEG high-strength waterproof intermediate film, and ionic intermediate film (commonly known as SGP). The products and technology keep pace with the world's advanced level.

E&N ● Smart Building "is a high-end brand under E&N Company, which combines the unique charm and strength of E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. With unique and consistent brand genes, it further creates profound and lasting influence in more focused fields. The market impact of "E&N ● Smart Building" indicates that it has successfully established a sound brand culture, with a unique concept of leading deeply rooted in the bone marrow, truly achieving the value of turning vision into a masterpiece, and always adhering to the four core characteristics of innovation, cooperation, management, and service. In the process of realizing the mission vision, we are like a guardian god guarding the life beside each piece of glass, and let laminated glass in all corners of the world witness the extraordinary quality of "E&N ● Smart Building". It has become a model of excellence and originality, leading the entire industry to constantly reach new heights with a new operating model.

By leveraging E&N's obvious technological advantages and integrating excellent quality with unique brand cultural concepts, "E&N ● Smart Building" stands out as a high-end brand under E&N, earning the trust of professional partners and the respect of the market.


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