What are the advantages of vacuum glass?

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Vacuum glass is a product of new technology, which has many advantages compared to ordinary glass:

1. Low carbon and energy-saving

The vacuum glass relies on the special structure of the vacuum layer to effectively block the indoor and outdoor heat conduction. The heat transfer coefficient U value is below 0.6Wm-2k-1, which can be as low as 0.3W/(m · K), similar to the wall. It can significantly reduce air conditioning power consumption and emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, reducing environmental pollution.

2. Thermal insulation

Choosing vacuum glass with appropriate shading coefficient can effectively control the heat gain from the sun and maintain indoor coolness in summer; In winter, when the outdoor temperature is -20 ℃, the internal surface temperature of vacuum glass is only 3-5 ℃ lower than the indoor air temperature, which can maintain indoor warmth and comfort.

3. Sound insulation and noise reduction

With the density of urban population and the increase of transportation tools, noise pollution is becoming increasingly serious, directly causing harm to people. The vacuum layer of vacuum glass can effectively block the transmission of sound, especially for medium and low frequencies with strong penetration, and the effect is very significant.

4. Stay away from condensation

Vacuum glass has super strong insulation performance. In cold winter, even if the outdoor temperature drops to -30 ℃, the surface temperature of indoor glass is close to room temperature and much higher than the condensation temperature.

5. Widely used

The interior of vacuum glass is in a vacuum state, which is not affected by environmental pressure and is suitable for various altitude areas; At the same time, vacuum glass can maintain its excellent performance in various positions of buildings, including facades, slopes, and roofs, without the problem of reduced performance caused by increased gas convection when insulating glass is placed flat.


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