The Application of Craft Glass in Life

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In daily life, we often see many different types of glass giving us different feelings, but no one considers the material and craftsmanship of glass. In fact, many types of glass belong to the category of craft glass, whether it is at home, in office buildings, or in churches. There will always be craft glass, and it seems that its existence is to better prove that the world is so beautiful.

At home, we can see very charming chandeliers, especially when the lights are turned on at night, we can see colorful lights illuminating the entire room. In an instant, the entire room became romantic and warm due to its existence. The most important thing is that these craft glass can also disperse ultraviolet radiation, which is undoubtedly a good help for the human body.

The craftsmanship glass seen in architectural buildings is even more admirable. It is not only a symbol of art, but sometimes even a symbol of facade. In many company buildings, we can see a grand and meaningful chandelier placed in the center. In fact, this type of chandelier is made of craft glass.

It can be said that craft glass and painted glass are almost the same, but the scope of craft glass is broader and the scope of painted glass is relatively narrow. So where is the beauty of painted glass? This is mainly reflected in its color.


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