Canyon Glass Protects Your Safety

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Canyon glass is a popular building material with high strength, impact resistance, and high transparency. It is widely used in fields such as exterior walls, roofs, and skylights of buildings. However, due to the uneven manufacturing quality of canyon glass, some low-quality glass products are prone to crushing and falling under strong storms or human impact, posing great safety hazards. This is all because the glass did not use high-quality ionic intermediate film - SGP film.

In the production process of SGP film, a special layer of polymer adhesive is sandwiched between two pieces of glass, and then placed under high temperature and pressure to form a whole. This polymer material has extremely high strength and toughness, which can provide protection and support.

In addition, SGP film has undergone multiple safety tests and certifications, and can withstand severe storms, explosions, and destructive attacks. In practical environments, SGP film canyon glass performs excellently and has been widely praised by users and professionals.

As a top manufacturer of SGP film, E&N has always been committed to providing users with safe and reliable building materials. Whether in commercial buildings, residential communities, or public places, SGP film safety glass can provide reliable safety protection for buildings and protect people's lives and property.



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