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Company profile of ionic intermediate membrane

Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Foshan area, focusing on the intermediate film industry for 15 years, positioning its products in the high-end market, and selling well in China, Europe, North America and other parts of the world; E&N Company adheres to technological innovation, and is an enterprise with a technological research center and a constant temperature, humidity and dust-free purification workshop in the same industry. The R&D and production process technology are leading the industry level, creating the jade sand white products of China's EVA intermediate membrane, SEG high-strength waterproof intermediate membrane and ionic intermediate membrane (commonly known as SGP) and other products, and the products and technology keep pace with the world's advanced level.

EN: EG high-strength waterproof intermediate membrane

Product characteristics

The hardness is higher than that of traditional PVB materials;

The tensile strength is 2.5 times that of traditional EVA material;

Keep the glass from falling off, bending and falling after breaking;

It has the characteristics of ultraviolet filtering, edge stability, optical transparency, etc;

Flexible processing can be achieved by rolling autoclave and vacuum one-step method.

Application advantages

Laminated safety glass has high strength and less stress deformation. Compared with traditional laminated PVB material, ENsafe "EG is hard

Higher degree, stronger adhesion, lower water absorption and higher melt index. This helps to achieve thinner and lighter use

And also meet specific load or structural requirements. Long-term load bending performance is better than PVB material.

>It has safety protection performance and high safety against hurricanes and typhoons.

>After excellent crushing, maintain high strength bearing capacity and rigidity, and have enough residual bearing capacity without falling.

>To achieve perfect and clear glass effect, ENsafe "EG also has excellent transparency, its yellow index (YID)

At the beginning of use, it is<5, while the traditional sandwich PVB material is 6-12. Interlayer with ENsafe "EG

The glass has excellent transparency and reduces unnecessary yellowing and greening, which is different from the glass color selected by the project


>Durability and quality assurance, providing more efficient overall architectural design.

>Suitable for open edge design.> Good compatibility with structural adhesive.

The method of using the edge frame to shield the traditional laminated PVB material may cause edge defects after outdoor exposure,

It is out of date. Compared with many traditional intermediate materials, the polymer used by ENsafe "EG is not easy

Affected by problems such as humidity or outdoor natural aging, it can help designers to achieve open design and

Application concept.

>The installation and interlayer characteristics of the brand PVB intermediate layer material are also available on En ENsafe "EG.

The highly acclaimed product is also packed and ready for shipment today


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