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Glass-bottomed walkway
Glass-bottomed walkway
Glass-bottomed walkway
Glass-bottomed walkway
Glass-bottomed walkway

Glass-bottomed walkway Glass-bottomed walkway

The glass walkway, a lean design from China, is simple to install and can adapt to various modern architectural environments. The glass walkway uses the most advanced explosion-proof glass, which can not only ensure the permeability and beauty of the landscape, but also provide the highest security guarantee. It is also an effective energy-saving building material. The design of connecting glass and glass can not only improve the overall beauty, but also effectively save energy and improve building efficiency. In addition, it also has high reliability and durability, and can provide durable safety and comfort. If you want to know more, please contact us!

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Product Description

The glass walkway in the air, also known as the glass corridor in the air, can be called the wonderful combination of modern engineering and natural wonders, realizing the miracle of turning the chasm into a thoroughfare. Nowadays, many glass walkway in scenic spots have been upgraded and officially opened to the public, becoming transparent glass corridors. The high-altitude glass corridor project pays special attention to safety in design and construction.

Generally speaking, the design of the glass walkway in the scenic spot is composed of two main steel wire ropes as thick as the arm and six bottom steel wire ropes. The weight of one main steel wire rope reaches 4 tons. The tension of each rope has been tested by precision instruments to ensure that each steel wire rope is evenly stressed and ensure the safety of tourists; There are 4 bridge foundations, each of which can bear more than 800 tons of tension.

The corridor surface of the glass walkway in the scenic spot is all paved with transparent glass, which is made of double glass fiber reinforced plastic with glue. Each glass plate is made of two 12mm thick glass steel plates stacked up and down, with a total thickness of 24mm. It has the characteristics of high strength, bending resistance, impact resistance, etc., and its strength is more than 25 times that of ordinary glass; At the same time, the main structure of the bridge is added with two main steel wire ropes with a diameter of 53mm on the original basis, a total of 10 steel wires, each of which can bear 1800 tons.

The above is the common design structure of the glass walkway in the scenic spot. If you need it, please consult our company for the glass of the plank road.

Product advantages

Glass walkway is the latest innovation of glass building landscape engineering. It uses special explosion-proof and anti-skid glass, and the surrounding frame is made of reinforced cement and high-quality stainless steel, which can support the weight of a thousand kilograms and provide safe support. Along the plank road, you can enjoy the charming scenery. On the glass walkway, people can see the beautiful landscape, appreciate the meaning of distant mountains, appreciate the beauty of distant lakes and seas, see the vitality of animals and plants, and feel the magic charm of nature, so as to experience the incomparable sense of tranquility, and gain inner peace and relaxation.


Project live shooting

Project name: glass platform of Dashanpu Yikun River section of Zigong East Ring Road

Completion time: March 25, 2021

Product configuration: 12+2.28MG+12+2.288MG+12 ultra-white toughened laminated rubber

The glass conforms to the Chinese glass standard

Yikun River Wetland Park is an important part of the water system connection project of the eastern new town of Zigong City, and is the "green lung" of the eastern new town. The water system treatment of this water area adopts the technology of human intervention+natural succession and multi-tech composite water ecological restoration.

A bird's-eye view of the whole park, the red riding path is surrounded by strips, and the pedestrian plank path, glass platform and floating bridge are supported along both sides of the river in the riding path. "Green vegetation covers the whole scenic area, dotted with pavilions, waterfalls, rockeries, floating bridges, and landscape sketches in the rich green. The Yikun River ecological lake, ecological embankment ring line, and five scenic spots, such as Diexi Square, birdwatching plank road, Qingyun Range Rover, drinking waves and colorful fields, and ecological waterfront, constitute the 'one lake, one ring and five scenic spots', which is an excellent place for citizens to visit on weekends and holidays."

Glass-bottomed walkway

Glass-bottomed walkway


Glass-bottomed walkway

loadingGlass-bottomed walkway






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