Chengdu Chenghua Genesis Center

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As the second city that Genesis has arrived in China, Chengdu has played an important role in the development of the brand. With the gradual landing of the Genesis Home and Genesis Center, Genesis will comprehensively present the extraordinary experience of Genesis to consumers in the southwest region. The Chengdu Chenghua Jienisaisi Center provides a comprehensive service experience, aiming to establish close relationships with consumers and car owners throughout the journey of exploring brands and owning cars. At the same time, it will further expand Jienisaisi's retail contacts in China and expand its brand influence in China.

We feel very honored to be able to build the Chengdu Chenghua Jieni Saisi Center. This car center has injected new vitality into the local technological development and economic prosperity. During the construction process, we continuously strive to create a modern and efficient building. We have adopted the most advanced architectural technology and made reasonable use of space, maximizing the application of glass design. We are proud and proud to have participated in this project, and we look forward to the greater contribution of the Automotive Center to the future development of Chengdu.


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