Exciting Review | The exhibition has come to a successful end, with endless excitement. Looking forward to meeting you again!

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On the afternoon of April 9, 2023, the 29th Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall New Product Expo - Foshan E&N Film Technology Co., Ltd. successfully concluded this exhibition activity and looks forward to meeting you again!

As a professional research and development manufacturer of ionic intermediate membranes, we have been focusing on the intermediate membrane industry for 15 years, positioning our products in the mid to high-end market, and selling well in China, Europe, North America, and other parts of the world; Yien Company adheres to technological innovation and is the first enterprise in its industry to have a technology research center and a constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free purification workshop. The R&D and production process technology are leading the industry, creating products such as jade sand white, SEG high-strength waterproof intermediate film, and ionic intermediate film (commonly known as SGP) for China's EVA intermediate film. The products and technology remain in sync with the world's advanced level. Yien has successfully stood out at the exhibition with its high-end ionic intermediate membranes, and many customers have expressed strong interest in our company's ionic intermediate membranes.

Next, let's review the exciting scenes that cannot be missed at the Ian Technology Exhibition Hall!


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