Is this still a hotel? Known as the world's most expensive Singapore Sands Hotel

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The location is excellent. The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is known as the most expensive hotel in the world today. The opening ceremony of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was held on June 23, 2010. The resort hotel, which was built at a cost of 4 billion pounds and has outdoor swimming pools, sightseeing platforms, luxury casinos and other high-end facilities, was officially opened to guests. The most amazing thing is that guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore's urban landscape while swimming. The outdoor swimming pool is built on the top floor of the 57 storey tower of the Marina Bay Sands, which is three times the length of the Olympic swimming pool and 650 feet (198 meters) high, making it the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world at this height.

In fact, the edge of the swimming pool is designed to be a few centimeters below the horizontal plane, and the water flowing out will flow to a collecting pool below, which is then pumped back into the upper pool. They have two circulation systems. The first one, like a traditional swimming pool, filters and heats the water in the main pool, the second filters the water in the collection pool, and then sends it back to the upper pool.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Marina BaySandsSingapore is located on the coast of Singapore, and also close to the city center of Singapore. It is convenient to reach the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Clarke Quay and other tourist areas. It is only 10 minutes' drive from Singapore Changi International Airport. At the same time, the hotel gathers shopping, leisure, food, nightlife, casinos and other all inclusive entertainment cities. As it is located near the sea, it has a beautiful view of the South China Sea The transportation is convenient, and many public transportation can reach the hotel. The unique geographical conditions are also one of the reasons why you choose to stay at this top luxury hotel.


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