Several advantages and characteristics of glass lamination furnace

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Working principle of glass mechanical adhesive furnace:

The glass equipment of the laminating furnace (also known as the glass strengthening furnace) uses a vacuum bag (also known as a silicone bag) to heat the EVA laminating material and glass together under vacuum conditions, making it reach a state of glue solubility

Thus, the two pieces of glass are bonded together.

Performance characteristics of Zhongke Glass Machinery Laminating Furnace:

1. Air circulation: Adopting high-power turbine fans, with four adjustable air ducts at the top, bottom, left, and right, to ensure that the hot air inside the furnace circulates in all directions without dead angles, avoiding excessive humidity difference inside the furnace, and ensuring that the temperature difference inside the furnace is accurately controlled within 3 degrees.

2. Adopting German technology, the high-temperature resistant vacuum pump is fully CNC operated, with a vacuum degree of -0.095--0.101mpa. An air storage tank is installed in front of the vacuum pump, which can store a portion of the air pressure. Even if the vacuum pump is no longer working, it can achieve long-term pressure retention without fear of sudden changes

In addition to power outage, it can also play a role in separating oil and water, better filtering the gas protection of the vacuum pump, and extending the service life of the vacuum pump.

3. Equipment steel: The frame is made of large 100 * 100 * 10mm galvanized angle steel, which is structurally stable and does not deform. A large adjustable anchor waist wire is installed at the bottom, which increases the selectivity and stability of the equipment and makes up for the defects of uneven ground. The ground rail steel is made of

23-63, high strength, not easily deformed,

4. Adopting high-temperature and high tear resistant silicone adhesive board with a thickness of 3mm, each layer of silicone board can hold glass with a cumulative thickness of 36-60mm, with a large processing volume and an additional aluminum nozzle for air extraction. The air extraction area is also specially treated, which has good vacuum performance and saves time and cost

This has changed the previous phenomenon of rapid aging, poor sealing, and short lifespan of ordinary silicone panels, leading to low aging of finished products,

5. Panel and insulation: High accuracy double fruit composite color steel insulation board with high rate rock wool has good insulation performance, high accuracy, accurate insulation, good sealing performance, and better performance in any three aspects. The furnace door and fan are additionally equipped with 4 layers of inspection equipment

Weimian completely eliminates the phenomenon of poor insulation before and after

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