Take the glass bridge with your family in Sanshui Nandan Mountain!

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Sanshui Nandan Mountain glass walkway is the first glass covered bridge in Guangdong. The slide is winding in the primeval forest of Nandan Mountain, with a total length of more than 200 meters.

The surrounding scenery is too good. There is no high building to block it. It is very open. When you look at it from afar, the mountains are undulating, the trees are luxuriant, and there are rivers. It is very comfortable, healing, and refreshing.

If you are brave enough, try looking down vertically through the glass walkway!

The design of glass is high-end and dazzling. Looking from the bottom to the top, the slideway twists and turns in the mountains and forests, like a long dragon. Tourists can start the journey of challenging the slideway of glass covered bridge by climbing on the glass platform and sitting on a special slide pad. How can we not try?

Thank you very much for choosing our products. When building this magnificent glass walkway, we are very grateful for the hard work of all the construction workers on the site. Their intelligence and creativity have made this glass walkway perfectly realized. We firmly believe that they can create greater masterpieces and look forward to more surprises in the future!


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