The characteristics and application of architectural colorful film and colorful glass

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As the name implies, dazzled glass is a very cool glass, so dazzled glass is mainly related to GIF, so as a base material of building materials, glass needs to be demonstrated by GIF to form a cool effect. It regularly shows you the application of colored glass and its characteristics with alternative products such as on-site art installations and furniture supplies.

Architectural colorful colored glass is a kind of glass with magical color change effect. It can present different colors in different light and different angles to achieve rich and colorful scenes. New building materials products that are contemporary, luxurious and elegant in terms of doors and windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc.

Characteristics of Glazing Glass

1. The color can be rich and has cell permeability.

2. High decoration, environmental protection, non-fading, non-salivation, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, sterilization and other functions.

3. The angled color art glass is dazzling and lifelike. Even if it is accidentally broken, it will not cause damage to the rubble and has high safety.

Colored glass is often used in decoration, bars, bathrooms, partitions, floors, etc. In addition, it can also be made into toughened, hollow and hot-bending curtain wall glass, which has the effect of heat preservation, safety and vagueness.

In the development of colorful art glass in different fields, designers can give full play to their own creative and innovative thinking and design more novel, beautiful and colorful life world with cross-era social significance.

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