What is dazzled glass and what are its advantages?

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Glazing glass, also known as magic glass, is often used in architectural decoration, and is a special optical glass for decorating household style. Its characteristic is that it can reflect different colors from different angles and create dreamlike light and shadow effects. It is a kind of glass whose color can be changed according to the angle of the sun's vertex and the position of the observer.

The color effect of colorful glass is produced during the processing of metal film coating. This thin, high-index and low-index metal oxide coating produces bright color changes according to the viewing angle and sunlight conditions. Based on its hardness, scratch resistance and high chemical resistance, colorful glass is more durable and easier to care and clean than traditional glass.

The advantages of colorful glass are:

1. It has impressive dazzling effect (yellow blue, green purple, orange blue, blue gold and green pink, etc.);

2. Advanced processing art, using offline coating technology, can process large size, and the processing size is flexible, to meet customer needs to the greatest extent;

3. The color and hue of the coating surface and the glass surface are consistent, and have the same dazzling effect both indoors and outdoors;

4. It has an artistic sense, and the dazzling appearance is impressive. Combining with the architectural design, it can make the building have a high artistic appreciation;

5. Stability. The colorful glass has strong hardness, scratch resistance and excellent chemical stability.

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