What are the characteristics and applications of dazzled glass?

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What is colorful glass? Have you understood? Let's see its differences!

Glazing glass: also known as magic glass, is a new type of artistic decorative glass with magical color change effect. In order to achieve a colorful scene, it can display different colors in different lights and angles.

Process: two or more pieces of glass are sandwiched in the middle for glass lamination. Mucosa between two pieces of glass. They are compressed by a hot press to exhaust as much intermediate air as possible, and then put into a high-pressure steam engine. Dissolve a small amount of residual air in the film to form high temperature and high pressure.

Performance: colorful and transparent. High ornamental, environmental protection, color fastness, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, sterilization and other functions. The middle layer can reduce solar radiation and prevent energy loss. It can also buffer the sound wave vibration of sound and achieve sound insulation effect.


The principle of colorful glass:

Glazing glass is a kind of glass whose color can change according to the top angle of direct sunlight and the angle of the observer. The color effect of dazzled glass is produced in the process of processing metal film coating. This thin high-low refractive metal oxide coating can produce vivid color changes according to different angles of view and sunlight conditions. Based on its hardness, scratch resistance and high chemical resistance, colored glass is more durable, easier to care for and clean than traditional glass.


Features and functions of dazzled glass:

1. Color effect - impressive color effect (yellow blue, green purple, orange blue, blue gold, green pink, etc.); 2. Advanced processing technology - using offline coating technology, it can process large size, flexible processing size, and meet customer needs to a large extent;

2. The color and color of the coating surface are consistent with that of the glass surface, and have the same color effect indoors and outdoors;

3、 With artistic sense - the dazzling appearance is impressive, and the combination of architectural design can make the building have a high artistic appreciation;

4. Stability - Colorful glass has strong hardness, scratch resistance and excellent chemical stability.

5. Safety - even if it is broken accidentally, it will not cause personal injury.

6. Ornamental - colored glass also has the functions of environmental protection, non-fading, non-peeling, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, sterilization, etc.


Applied to decoration design:

Glazing glass is especially suitable for landmark buildings, such as office buildings, museums, opera houses, theatres, cinemas, shopping centers, etc. Room partition, door, screen, guardrail, etc. Its effect is highly recognizable, so it can also be used in shops, restaurants, etc. It can meet the bold design requirements of architects and designers, so as to convey their design ideas and artistic inspiration.

In addition, the colorful glass can be made into toughened, laminated and hollow, so that it has a variety of functions, playing a role of safety, heat preservation and looming. Designers can freely play their roles in different design fields and create a colorful world with their own artistic beauty.


It is recommended to maintain and use colorful glass.

There are no requirements on the front and back of the dazzled glass, but the dazzled glass must be protected from strong impact by the frame edge during transportation. If the dazzled glass is not tempered. Pay attention to safety when glass is broken.

A. Avoid excessive collision and accidental collision, which may damage the glass. Avoid scratching by sharp tools during cleaning. Although the glass is scratch resistant, it is easy to damage its optical properties.

B. Pay attention to the use of fabrics during cleaning. After cleaning, try to wipe with a dry towel or other dry sponge to prevent water droplets from adhering to the glass surface for a long time and affecting the overall effect. It is recommended that the friendlier the glass surface is during cleaning, the longer the service life is.


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